About Us

We consider new theory as responsibility of PLANO sanitary ware, and constantly recommend us the latest style of sanitary wares technological theory and fashionable design cover all the traditional impressions to lead out a revolution in the sanitary field environmental protection, saving water pure pottery  ,anti-germs ,and health no doubt they are beyond your imagination.

Standing at the starting line of the 21st century ,we should  well shoulder what this epoch endows us, we all think that the  field of sanitary ware is a field of high wisdom ,what we produce exquisite is not only a pieces of sanitary wares , but also a dream, a home , culture and life-way , the idea  “exceeding our dream, enlightening our future” ,  lay the foundation for our design and production process, what we have to face and shoulder in this epoch is to create  PLANO Sanitary ware with the unity of five-thousand-year-old civilization and one-thousand-year-old ceramic culture.

Influenced by technical sanitary ware, we enjoy the saying  “Human Focus Of Life” , and enjoy the essential freedom of newest technology. Either new technology or traditional technology bring thorough new look and convenience to  sanitary wares. Technology appears in a gentle and delicate form ,  it also acts as the role to solve environmental problem and improve the quality.

The  Managing principle of an enterprise is the chief key to the success of a sanitary ware enterprise. Under  the unique principal “guiding to market, satisfying consumer”  , in such a period of building up brand , we provide customers with creative , first class and all round service , and instead of price war , we consider value war as our market strategy